The Hotel stands on the site of a Brewery & still retains some of the original features although

largely demolished in the 1930’s evidence of the original size can be seen by dimensions of the remaining boundary walls around the kitchen garden and the lower car par.


During and after World War 2 the building was used to house Polish refugees and as a place of Worship.

Further signs of Plas Morfa’s 300 – year history are the ground floor vaulted cellars, which, in days long gone, was used as a chandlers and warehouse to store ships cargo ferried in from the sea on the back of donkeys.

Its remoteness has left a legacy of smuggling and piracy,unpaid taxes and duties- all rather at odds to previous owners and possibly the original use as a monastery.

There is evidence that Plas Morfa was linked to the Abbey at Strata Florida, as the monks originally constructed the fish traps that can be seen today as the tide ebbs.

The glorious location offers today’s visitor fantastic views of the ever-changing landscape, whether from your room or the Restaurant, or by walking along one of the many footpath,or simply by exploring the numerous small towns and villages that nestle in the coves & cliffs.

A favourite journey is along the shoreline to New Quay with the chance of seeing one of the many Bottle – nosed Dolphins, Porpoises and Seals that patrol the waters, or one of the now numerous Red Kites. Buzzards, Kittiwakes, Oystercatchers, swifts & swallows, just a few from the wonderful bird life we are blessed with.

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